Architainment Lighting Ltd. is a specialist project lighting company working in the architectural and entertainment sectors across the UK.

We work with leading lighting designers, specifiers and architects to transform architectural, retail, and themed environments through lighting. Providing specifiers with the highest quality white light and RGB lighting fixtures and complete control solutions, Architainment Lighting offers clients a full service from conception, through specification to supply, integration, programming and system commissioning.

Over the past few years Architainment Lighting has worked on architectural, retail and hospitality projects including The London Eye, Selfridges, Harrods, One Hyde Park, and Great Ormond Street Hospital. The company’s portfolio of entertainment projects is equally as impressive, having provided concert lighting for artists such as Pink, Radiohead, George Michael and Shakira, and television lighting for various shows including ITV’s X Factor.

Architainment Lighting provides the highest quality LED fixtures, controls and accessories from manufacturers including Philips Color Kinetics, Philips Entertainment Group, Philips Selecon, Green Hippo, Pharos, Led Linear, EcoSense Lighting, City Theatrical, Sensacell and Tempest Lighting.

The company also has a dedicated in-house technical services department who are able to support projects with everything from installation and integration to programming and system commissioning.

260_T2_Baggage Reclaim_05IMG_1410 2213-ArborealLightning-140820Opening-JonathanPerugia (6)One Angel Square
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  • One Angel Square