Your vision, our light. We are partners in illumination, working seamlessly with you

Elevating the Art of Illumination. We go beyond simply providing lighting fixtures. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, offering: Unparalleled selection of high-performance white light and RGB lighting fixtures to suit any design vision. Comprehensive control solutions for seamless integration and intuitive operation. Expert guidance and support throughout the entire project lifecycle, from initial concept to final commissioning.

Concept to Commissioning: We Orchestrate Every Step of Your Lighting Journey

A Commitment to Excellence We are dedicated to delivering the best soloution for your design project. We collaborate with industry-leading lighting designers, specifiers, and architects to ensure each project receives the personalized attention it deserves. We bring: Unrivaled Expertise: With our in-depth knowledge of the latest lighting technologies and control systems, we craft bespoke solutions that meet your specific needs and vision. Innovation: We constantly push the boundaries of illumination, seeking new ways to captivate and inspire. Reliability: We partner with the best lighting brands, ensuring your project shines brightly for years to come.

Ready to embark on your own lighting journey? Let Architainment Lighting be your guide. Contact us today and let's illuminate your vision together.

Pushing the Boundaries of Light: Step into a world where technology bends to vision

Architape is pioneering the future of architectural and decorative lighting with cutting-edge linear LED technology, that deliver unparalleled performance and aesthetic beauty. 

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Experience the power of simplicity: ArchiCloud empowers you to effortlessly control your lighting remotely, without demanding IT expertise.                                                                                               

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Unlock limitless possibilities: Project specific enclosures seamlessly integrate power, control and connectivity, empowering you to control your LED lights with precision and ease. 

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