Philips Dynalite: Lighting Control Redefined

Unparalleled Experience, Unmatched Capabilities:

Philips Dynalite boasts over 25 years of proven performance in 35,000+ projects globally, making it the industry-leading choice for lighting control. We confidently cater to diverse applications, offering solutions tailored to both large and small-scale needs.

Beyond On/Off: A Symphony of Lighting:

Go beyond basic control with features like:

  • Preset Lighting: Create and recall ambience-setting lighting scenes for any mood or occasion.
  • Centralized Command: Configure and monitor all lights from anywhere within the network, generating comprehensive reports.
  • Effortless Setup: DyNet facilitates faster, simpler installation and configuration compared to conventional systems.
  • Design Flexibility: Adapt to evolving layouts or control methods with ease through software reprogramming.
  • Energy Efficiency: Utilize natural light effectively, minimizing costs and maximizing environmental impact.
  • Seamless Scalability: Accommodate changing tenant needs, fluctuating staff, and diverse activities with adaptable user interfaces and reconfigurable channels.
  • Advanced Integration: Integrate with blinds, audio-visual, temperature control, and building management systems for comprehensive control.
  • Extended Lamp Life: Philips Dynalite protects lamps from surges and inrush currents, significantly extending their lifespan.

DyNet: Unleashing the Power of Distributed Intelligence:

This innovative protocol ensures uninterrupted operation and empowers advanced features:

  • Scalability to Thousands of Devices: Connect up to 16,776,960 devices on a single network.
  • Logical Area Addressing: Allocate physical channels to logical areas for flexible layout adaptation.
  • Open Protocol & Messages: Access detailed DyNet protocol and network message information online.
  • Efficient Communication: A single message controls lighting scenes and fades across vast areas.

DALI Integration: Enhanced Efficiency and Control:

  • Eliminate Standby Power Consumption: Philips Dynalite eliminates standby power waste when lamps are off.
  • Unlimited Scalability Across Multiple DALI Networks: Combine networks seamlessly for expansive projects.
  • Control Beyond DALI: Support diverse user interfaces, sensors, load controllers, and integration gateways.
  • Grouped Lighting & Emergency Management: Monitor grouped lighting and emergency exit fittings effortlessly.

Trunk-and-spur Topology: Building-Wide Intelligence:

Connect multi-floor buildings effectively:

  • Central Communication: Vertically running trunks connect to horizontal spurs on each floor.
  • BMS Integration: Network gateways manage communication between the BMS and individual floors.
  • Modular Expansion: Build large systems efficiently with scalable hardware and operational optimization.

Case in Point: Burj Khalifa, Dubai:

This iconic project showcases Dynalite's capabilities:

  • 13 Ethernet Trunks, 170 Spurs, 32,000+ Devices: A single DyNet network spans 170 floors.

Experience the future of lighting control. Choose Philips Dynalite.