Peace of Mind: Architainment Service Agreements

Ensuring Optimal Lighting Performance with Confidence

At Architainment, we understand the critical role lighting systems play in your business. Complex systems require regular maintenance to guarantee optimum performance and protect your investment. That's why we offer comprehensive service agreements, managed by our expert, manufacturer-trained engineers.

Tailored Solutions, Exceptional Results

Unlike generic maintenance contracts, our custom-configured packages cater to your unique needs. Whether your system illuminates streets, buildings, or arenas, we design a cost-effective solution, perfectly aligned with your specific requirements.

Why Choose Architainment?

  • Reliable Partner: We uphold the highest standards in service and quality management, ensuring trust and peace of mind.
  • Forward-Thinking Expertise: Our engineers possess profound technical knowledge and product roadmap insights, allowing us to proactively address maintenance issues.
  • Unmatched Knowledge: As the supplier and commissioning agent, we hold the deepest understanding of your specific system, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Bespoke Packages for Complete Control:

We empower you to choose the level of service that best suits your needs, whether it be:

  • Operational Excellence: Prioritise smooth, seamless operations with timely maintenance and performance optimisation.
  • Lighting Quality: Maintain exceptional illumination levels through rigorous checks and adjustments.
  • Energy Reduction: Optimise your system for energy efficiency, achieving cost savings and environmental benefits.
  • Long-Term Maintenance: Ensure long-term system health through proactive care and timely interventions.
  • One-Off Requests: Receive tailored support for specific needs, such as layout changes or event requirements.

Enhanced Solutions for Advanced Management:

Our service packages seamlessly integrate with intelligent solutions, providing:

  • Proactive Maintenance: Remote system monitoring detects and addresses potential issues before they arise.
  • Technical Support: Our help desk offers answers and guidance whenever needed.
  • Software Updates: We ensure your system benefits from the latest technology and functionality.
  • Networked Control Support: Remote support for efficient control system management.
  • Intelligent Integrations: Tailor-made solutions to seamlessly integrate with your intelligent lighting infrastructure.

Additional Services at Your Fingertips:

  • Layout & Ambience Adjustments: Adapt your lighting to fit new requirements.
  • Compliance Support: Receive assistance with broadcasting and event regulations.
  • Screen Calibration: Maintain optimal visual quality for display screens.
  • Connectivity & Hosting: Enjoy expert support for managing connectivity and hosting solutions.

Invest in your lighting system's performance and longevity with Architainment's bespoke service agreements. Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements.