ArchiCloud Remote Management

Lighting Management Simplified

ArchiCloud is an easy to implement remote lighting management system that is simple to setup without any complicated IT requirements. The lighting controller only requires a standard internet connection and can even work over a 4G mobile connection. The system is secured using industry standard encryption to keep everything safe and secure, and once it has been setup, it provides access to the lighting control system from any internet connected device anywhere in the world.

Key Benefits

·         Users: Multiple users all with individual credentials.

·         Control: Easy access to lighting controls.

·         Monitoring: Real time control and status monitoring.

·         Multi-site: Multiple controllers and sites on single cloud.

·         Connection: Works over a standard internet connection.

·         Secure: Uses industry standard encryption similar to online banking.

·         Save Costs; Reduce the number of on-site visits and travel.

·         Support: All ArchiCloud plans include remote support from our Technical Support team.

ArchiCloud Features

·         24/7 remote cloud-based web access for adding and updating content

·         Supports multiple users

·         Online scheduling allows you to plan changes in advance

·         Remote assistance and support from Architainment

Customer Support Plan

For a small annual fee, Architainment can perform all content and colour changes for you. The basic plan covers up to twenty simple requests. For more frequent or complex changes, or where site visits are required to make the changes, a customized support plan can also be developed.

How does ArchiCloud work?

ArchiCloud has been designed from the ground up to work out of the box on any Internet connection, using the latest security technologies. A standard Internet connection that allows access to sites like Google and Office 365, will normally be enough to support remote management by ArchiCloud without needing to change any network settings.