Utilizing premium materials and cutting-edge techniques, we forge creations that exude both aesthetic flair and exceptional performance.

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Reimagine Architectural Lighting with Seamless LED Tape Integration

Elevate the architectural lighting of your large building beyond traditional fixtures with the transformative power of LED tape. Move beyond simply replacing bulbs and unlock a world of design flexibility, energy efficiency, and dynamic effects. Our innovative LED solutions seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, breathing new life into your space and unlocking boundless creative possibilities.

Enhancing large-scale spaces:

  • Cove lighting: Transform expansive ceilings and hallways with continuous cove lighting created by high-output LED tape housed in discreet aluminum profiles. Controllable colour temperature and intensity set the mood and highlight architectural features.
  • Column illumination: Wrap columns with diffused LED tape to create subtle accents or dynamic colour washes, transforming them into captivating visual elements within the space.
  • Facade accents: Accentuate exterior architectural details with weatherproof LED tape, highlighting building texture and creating stunning nighttime visual impact.

Modernizing existing features:

  • Stairwell upgrades: Enhance safety and visual drama in stairwells with integrated LED strips along handrails or embedded within steps, providing clear visibility and dynamic colour effects.
  • Suspended ceiling integration: Discreetly install LED tape within existing suspended ceilings for even, diffused ambient lighting or create playful geometric patterns with strategically placed strips.
  • Recessed fixture revitalization: Breathe new life into outdated recessed downlights by seamlessly integrating dimmable LED tape for improved energy efficiency and dynamic lighting control.

Crafting unique architectural designs:

  • Bespoke signage: Create custom lightboxes and illuminated signage with vibrant LED tape, branding your space and directing visitors with eye-catching displays.
  • Interactive installations: Integrate LED tape into interactive art installations or dynamic lighting features, transforming your space into a captivating sensory experience.
  • Curved surfaces illumination: Bendable LED tape conforms to curved surfaces, illuminating arches, columns, and other complex architectural elements with seamless uniformity.

Effortless integration and scalability:

Our high-quality LED tape solutions come in diverse lengths, colours, and wattages, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. Dimmable options, smart control systems, and weatherproof options guarantee scalability and adaptability to various architectural applications.

Unleash your creative vision:

Break free from traditional architectural lighting limitations. With our versatile LED tape solutions, the possibilities are endless. Transform your large building, express your unique design vision, and illuminate your space with the limitless potential of LED technology. Contact us today to discuss your architectural lighting needs and unlock a world of innovative possibilities.


Our commitment to quality and safety begins at the very core of our design process. Each luminaire undergoes scrutiny, crafted with materials that comply with stringent UK electrical standards. From premium components to cutting-edge techniques, ensuring the utmost reliability and performance.

But adherence to standards is just the beginning. We believe true peace of mind comes from rigorous in-house testing. No luminaire leaves our doors until it has passed a battery of comprehensive assessments, each designed to exceed UK regulatory requirements. We simulate real-world scenarios, pushing boundaries to ensure our creations perform flawlessly even under demanding conditions.

Truly Unique

Forget limitations, embrace infinite possibilities! When it comes to LED lighting, the combination of LED tape and profiles unlocks a universe of luminaire solutions. Imagine it: a dazzling array of tape options, boasting diverse colours, temperatures, and densities, ready to be paired with a spectrum of profile designs – recessed, surface-mounted, angled, even corner-hugging. This dynamic duo empowers you to sculpt light exactly as you envision it, catering to every niche and desire.

Need to bathe a room in warm, inviting tones? Opt for warm white tape nestled in a shallow diffuser profile. Craving a modern, edgy feel? Unleash the cool blue brilliance of high-density tape housed in a sleek, minimalist profile. And for those truly unique applications, bendable tape finds its perfect match in flexible profiles, letting you illuminate curved surfaces or create stunning organic shapes. The combinations are endless, like a kaleidoscope of light waiting to be unleashed. So, step aside, traditional fixtures, for with LED tape and profiles, the only limit is your imagination. Let's illuminate the world, one personalised luminaire at a time!