Architainment goes green(er)

We all know that LED lighting is the most energy efficient lighting choice. And for twenty years, Architainment has been leading the transition to LED lighting in architectural design by providing the highest quality LED lighting solutions for a wide range of projects across UK and abroad. But did you know that we are also making significant investments to reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint?

Green Energy From Solar Panels

In 2022, we installed 122 solar panels on our roof. Each panel is rated at 395 W for a total maximum output of 50 kWh. While the British weather means we don’t always reach this figure, the solar panels have significantly reduced our energy bills. In addition, we have installed six 22 kWh charging points, so that our new fleet of electric cars can benefit from the renewable energy generated by the solar panels. 

Switching To LED Lighting

Like most companies, our premises were originally fitted throughout with fluorescent lighting. We are currently in the process of replacing them with DALI-controlled Philips CoreLine LED battens. To date, we have replaced all the lights in our workshop and the ground floor of the warehouse and are currently working on the first floor of the warehouse.

We also installed sensors in common areas such as the kitchen to save energy by automatically switching off the lights when not in use, and we have a Philips Dynalite touch panel control in our conference room to manage the lighting there. As a Signify CVAP for Philips Dynalite and Color Kinetics, we understand the control benefits offered by LED lights and will be expanding the use Philips Dynalite controllers and sensors to our warehouse, allowing lights to be dimmed or switched off in areas that are not in use while ensuring areas like the loading bay are kept fully lighted for safety.

While a phased approach like this does mean it will take a bit longer to replace all the lights, it helps to spread the cost. It also means that we are already benefitting from the energy savings from the installed LED luminaires.

Towards Carbon Neutral

Going forward, we will continue to look at ways to reduce energy costs. And for the lighting designers that we work with, our goal remains to provide the highest quality and the most energy efficient LED lighting solutions for their projects.

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