ColorBlast Powercore gen4

The latest generation of ColorBlast from Philips Color Kinetics, sets the standard for flood lighting by delivering high-quality light and uncompromising performance with exceptional reliability.

ColorBlast Powercore gen4 boosts output and flexibility to meet the most demanding white and colour lighting applications.

With Color Blast Powercore gen4, you get industry-leading performance in a proven luminaire that’s synonymous with flood lighting.

Below are just some of the ways that the latest generation of ColorBlast benefits lighting professionals, building owners, and others looking for best-in-class flood lighting:

White and Colour Light
ColorBlast Powercore gen4 lets you combine white and colour light in one flexible, robust, and rugged fixture, balancing CRI and lumen output.

More Lumens
To meet the needs of the most demanding applications, ColorBlast Powercore gen4 delivers as much as 20 per cent higher output than the previous ColorBlast offering. It’s ideally suited for illuminating building facades, bridges, and other iconic structures requiring maximum output.

Colour Consistency
Philips Color Kinetics Chromasync technology improves colour accuracy and consistency between luminaires automatically, without time-consuming manual adjustment.

4-Channel Options
ColorBlast Powercore gen4 lets you choose the right 4-channel solution for your application — including IntelliHue, RGBW, RGBA and traditional RGB.

Tuneable White Light
Choose IntelliHue for high-quality tuneable (from 1800K to 10,000K) white light, for indoor and outdoor wall washing and flood lighting applications.

High Quality Accessories
ColorBlast Powercore gen4 offers a range of accessories that allow for customizable beam angles for floodlighting, spotlighting, wall washing, and grazing,

New Capabilities
New technology integrated in ColorBlast incorporates temperature compensation for increased colour precision, and ActiveSite remote monitoring and management.

The ColorBlast Powercore gen 4 family includes:

ColorBlast Intellihue Powercore gen4 – the best choice when high quality white light is needed, including the ability to tint and tune the colour.

ColorBlast Powercore gen4, RGBA – for applications that include warmer tones – including yellow, ambers and oranges.

ColorBlast Powercore gen4, RGBW – for when you need quality white and colour light in the same luminaire – including pastels and saturated reds.

ColorBlast Powercore gen4, RGB – to let you match existing luminaires or provide exceptional flood lighting that specifically requires RGB luminaires.

For further information about the ColorBlast Powerore gen4 family, please contact our Sales team on 01494 471 340 or email [email protected].

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