Lewes Lit Up for Lewes Light Festival

As long-standing supporters and sponsors of light festival, Lewes Light, Architainment Lighting are proud to have supported the delivery of a record number of installations around the town this year. Five unique locations were lit up to celebrate culture, history and the environment through light, art and design, and over 10,000 visitors attended over the duration of the three days.

Designed by Karen Van Creveld, St Thomas A Beckett church used Color Kinetics ColorBlast to graze the façade of the building, as well as to backlight the stained glass windows. Studio Fractal also used the ColorBlast fittings to backlight the windows at the Harpsichord Factory, whilst also using the ColorBlast TRX to offer a UV effect. Nulty+ opted for the Color Kinetics iColorFlex LMX fittings to light some shrubbery areas around the town whilst Integrated Light chose the Color Kinetics ColorGraze MX4 RGBA fittings to graze Fitzroy House with a colourful façade. Finally, Harveys Brewery Chimney was lit using one ColourBlast, designed by Susan Lake Lighting Design. LED Linear fittings were also used throughout the festival for various applications.

All concepts were designed by lighting designers and artists, and were fully supported by the team on-site by Architainment Lighting. The support offered included the supply of suitable luminaires, pre- event technical support and on-site commissioning.

Graham Festenstein, Festival Director, Lewes Light says ‘We are delighted with the overwhelming success of this year’s event which was only possible with the support of our industry sponsors. In particular Architainment Lighting provided equipment and technical support on five of our installations as well as financial support towards the running of the festival for which we are extremely grateful’.

Further information on the Lewes Light Festival and the series of scheduled talks following the festival can be found at www.leweslight.uk.

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