Lumascape Chosen For Luxury Hotel

Sun Lake Hotel, located in Fubang Sun Lake Resort in China, is the ultimate culmination of the old and the new. The combination of luxurious accommodation, peaceful environment and fresh air make it a traveller’s paradise.

When the hotel design team were looking for lighting that would enhance the main reception area, they searched for a high quality solution that was in keeping with the calibre of the hotel.

Lumascape’s solution was the LS393 compact in ground luminaire featuring HumanTouch technology. HumanTouch not only guarantees the optimal performance of Lumascape luminaires, but it also reduces external glass temperatures to human friendly levels for public spaces. This was an important feature for the hotel, since the fixtures would be in a public area. In addition, the lamp’s adjustability ensures that the light can be delivered wherever it is required.

From design and appearance, to technical capability and production quality for the hotel, the LS393 was the smart luminaire option for Sun Lake Hotel.

For further information about the LS393 and other Lumascape solutions, please contact Architainment on 01494 471 340 or email [email protected]

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