Lumascape Illuminate Monument at Google

As an innovative company with many offices around the world, Google is renowned for providing its employees with working environments that break the mould.

When a monument at the entrance to one of their California campuses needed illuminating, a lighting designer was tasked with specifying a solution that would efficiently illuminate each individual component of the structure, whilst minimising glare.

Lumascape LS793LED in ground luminaires were selected, and wash the structure with light, without appearing to overpower it.

The LS793LED is a shallow depth in ground luminaire that is ideal for applications that require a compact form factor.

Specifically selected for their superior performance and unique features, the LS793LED luminaires manage to effectively convert the large entry monument into a captivating beacon.

More information on the LS793LED can be found here.

For further information about the Lumascape range of solutions, please contact Architainment on 01494 471 340 or email [email protected]

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