Lumascape Illuminates Merah Putih Bridge

Located in Ambon and spanning over 1,140 metres long, the Merah Putih Bridge is the longest bridge in the eastern region of Indonesia.

Since its completion in 2016 it has quickly become a landmark of the area, attracting masses of tourists from across the world.

To highlight the bridges features at night and allow the creation of light shows, a decision was made to illuminate it with coloured lighting, and a solution from Lumascape was chosen.

Quadralux Q6 (LS9160) and Quadralux Q8 (LS9180) architectural floodlights have been installed across the length of the bridge, and illuminate it in a variety of colours.

Quadralux fixtures are a series of intelligent, high performance floodlights, which combine the best of Lumascape technology in a modern form factor. With a range of accessories and an innovative mounting bracket, they can be installed in multiple orientations. The Quadralux range features CoolDrive thermal management and EasyGlow visual comfort technologies for superior performance. Also available with white, colour changing and tuneable white light engines, these luminaires support control via PowerSync technology.

Lumascape PowerSync technology brings together the convenience of standard wiring methods and the power of high speed, digital dimming. PowerSync translates control signal data into a digital format that can be transmitted over standard copper wire allowing highly granular addressing and control of every luminaire, using only 4 wires.

The Merah Putih Bridge has been transformed by the new lighting, and is now a major feature of the evening skyline in Ambon.

Project design by Creative Lighting Asia.

More information about the LS 9160, LS9180 and LS6540 PowerSync Data Injector can be found at the following links.


For more information about Lumascape solutions, please contact Architainment on 01494 471 340 or email [email protected]

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