BMW Showroom

BMW Showroom

Architainment worked very closely with the lighting designer, Mindseye Lighting and project architect, Carbondale, on lighting the new BMW showroom in the heart Paris.  The goal was to make the space feel fresh, clean and simplistic. Architainment suggested EcoSense Lighting as the perfect, high quality fit for the project across a variety of areas within the store.

EcoSpec Linear HP INT Wall Wash was chosen for the store’s ‘White Room’, a communal area with soft white furnishings and television screens embedded in the walls. Integrated into the interior design, this high-output interior linear solution was installed to efficiently place controlled light down the room’s angled wall, with the use of next generation optics ensuring no socket shadow and a smooth, consistent beam from right out of the fixture.

Architainment Lighting supplied 15 four foot and 3 one foot fittings in 4000K for the ‘White Room’, all with a 17°x35° beam angle. A further 46 one foot and 22 four foot Linear HP INT Wall Wash fixtures in 3000K, 30°x60° beam angle, were recessed within a slot running around the perimeter of the showroom, immersing BMW display graphics in the highest quality white LED light. Directly connected to mains power, with no external drivers or complicated wiring to consider, installation of the EcoSpec Linear HP INT Wall Wash was easily accomplished, with each “plug and play” unit being connected end to end as required. This simple methodology can speed up time on site and greatly reduce the cost of installation and on-going maintenance.


COMPLETION DATE > February 2013

LIGHTING DESIGNER > Mindseye Lighting


PHOTOGRAPHY > Mindseye Lighting

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