Clink Street Tunnel

Clink Street Tunnel

Southwark Council had been looking for an original yet realistic way of rejuvenating London’s Clink Street tunnel. Impressed with Architainment Lighting and designers, Halo Lighting’s, creation in London’s Fire nightclub, the council called on them to install something similar inside the Clink Street tunnel.

Located at the junction of Clink Street and Bank End on the Thames Path, the installation has been programmed to create a subtle firework display effect along the brickwork of the tunnel. Architainment Lighting supplied the iColor Flex MX from Philips Color Kinetics in order to support Halo Lighting and Southwark in developing the concept into a practical and workable solution. The iColor Flex MX is a multi-purpose, high-intensity strand of 50 full-colour LED nodes for generating extraordinary effects without the constraints of fixture size or shape. The technology enables patterns and video on almost any interior or exterior surface and was therefore perfect for the Clink Street application.

The feature lighting runs from 7.30am until 10.30pm and has been designed to correspond with the highs and lows of the pedestrian flow under the bridge. The quiet phases will be marked with a twinkling star effect and when the area becomes busier, the firework effect will build up momentum reaching its most striking display in times of increased activity.

Please note: Images show what the installation can do, but the fireworks effect is what is displayed daily.


COMPLETION DATE > October 2010

CLIENT > Southwalk Council


PHOTOGRAPHY > Red Shift Photography

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