Emirates Aviation Experience

Emirates Aviation Experience

The Emirates Aviation Experience in London is a unique attraction that provides an insight into the operations of a modern commercial airline.

Since it’s opening in 2013, visitors have been able to enjoy interactive displays, flight simulators and even sit inside the cockpit of an Airbus A380.

To enhance the experience even further, an upgrade was implemented in 2015, which included the installation of a Rolls Royce Trent 900 engine, replica A380 cabin seating, and floor lighting that represented an airport taxiway.

Emirates creative agency Pulse Group were contracted to design and manage the upgrade, and turned to Gary Collins Lighting Design to design and integrate the new lighting system.

A specific requirement of the lighting brief, was that the taxiway could light up and pulse in the same way as a real airport taxiway.

Gary consulted with Architainment Lighting, who had provided the original Pharos lighting control solution, as well as the Philips Color Kinetics iColor Cove and iWCove fittings installed in the flooring under the A380 nose cone.

An iColorFlex LMX gen2 solution from Philips Color Kinetics was chosen since it fitted the profile of the flooring channel and could deliver the exact colours of light required.

Three hundred and fifty six nodes powered by eight sPDS-60ca 24V units were used, and standard strings of nodes were customised by Architainment Technical Services to simplify and reduce installation time on site.

Architainment also integrated the control of all new lighting additions on site, and commissioned the Pharos Controls solution.


Client: Emirates Aviation Experience

Lighting Design: Gary Collins Lighting Design

Photography: Aviation Experience

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