Light Symphony

Light Symphony

When luxury brand Sobranie London wanted a unique lighting installation to raise brand awareness in Moscow, it turned to London-based Cinimod Studio and specialist lighting solutions provider, Architainment Lighting Ltd, for something memorable.

The multi-disciplinary design team at Cinimod Studio created ‘Light Symphony’, a large interactive artwork that was suspended in the main atrium of The European, a prestigious shopping centre in Moscow, Russia. The installation consisted of two parts. The first being a 15m high chandelier made up of 240 light tubes suspended in space to create falling red, gold and white light. The second element was an interactive LED fitting from New York-based Sensacell, supplied by specialist lighting solutions provider, Architainment Lighting.

The 25mm resolution Sensacell M3016-16-RGB fixture combines LED lighting with capacitive proximity sensors in the form of ‘tile like’ electronic modules that plug together, forming architectural scale surfaces. Each module has an array of capacitive sensors that can detect persons and objects moving in proximity without physical contact – up to 150mm/6in from the surface. The system can also sense directly through solid materials, meaning modules can be installed behind translucent architectural materials for a completely integrated installation.

Although both the LED chandelier and the Sensacell installation were provocative on their own, Cinimod wanted the design to engage with the public, so it was essential that the two interact with each other. Sourcing the Sensacell technology from Architainment allowed the installation to create an active and animated element within the space. The real magic comes from when members of the public become the ‘conductors’ of the Light Symphony. The user can orchestrate complex colour movements throughout the chandelier by placing their hands and arms across the Sensacell touch panel. The response is immediate and the effect is clear, fluid and visually striking.


COMPLETION DATE > September 2010

CLIENT > Sobranie London


PHOTOGRAPHY > Cinimod Studio

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