London’s Bridges

London’s Bridges

Architainment Lighting was approached by lighting designer, Paul Cook, to supply a selection of LED fittings and the technical support for some of London’s most iconic bridges.

Brand experience agency, innovision, was tasked by the GLA and the Mayor of London’s Office to create a scheme that would celebrate the summer events in the capital. The agency commissioned lighting designer Paul Cook who was joined by Architainment Lighting and other experts from the electrical, lighting and design industries to illuminate London, Southwark, Millennium, Blackfriars, Waterloo and the Golden Jubilee Footbridges. Although originally just for the duration of the summer, lighting on all the bridges was such a success it was made a permanent architectural lighting infrastructure, making the winter journey home more pleasurable for thousands of commuters. Following a detailed inspection of each bridge, Paul Cook proposed a scheme that was sympathetic to the individual bridges, but synchronised every hour on the hour to produce a stunning light show.

For London, Waterloo and the Golden Jubilee footbridges, Architainment Lighting supplied a range of Philips Color Kinetics LEDs. London Bridge was fitted with 36 Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 Powercore XRE fittings, 12 on each of the two supporting piers and a further six on each bank. The arches of Waterloo Bridge were illuminated by four ColorReach Powercore and two ColorBlast 12 Powercore XRE LED fittings on each of the four piers, while the suspension wires and arms of the Golden Jubilee footbridges were fitted with Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast Powercore fixtures. Architainment Lighting provided technical support and wifi for all the bridges.

Control was key to the realisation of Cook’s vision for the bridges and this was provided by Pharos Lighting Playback Controllers (LPC) throughout, with Pharos technicians undertaking the programming. Paul Cook designed an individual lighting sequence for each bridge, which came together as a synchronised light show and required an extremely accurate yet cost effective control system, plus the fixtures used had to be energy efficient.

Rental equipment was supplied by PRG and the electrical contractor for all light fittings, power and data cables was Proctor and Co Ltd, appointed by main contractor F M Conway.


COMPLETION DATE > September 2012

CLIENT > GLA And Mayor Of London’s Office

LIGHTING DESIGNER > Paul Cook Lighting Design

OTHER COMPANIES INVOLVED > Innovision / Proctor And Co Ltd / PRG

PHOTOGRAPHY > Louise Stickland

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