Nirvana Spa

Nirvana Spa
Reading, Berkshire

Nirvana Spa is an award winning oasis of serenity in Sindlesham, Berkshire, and one of only three spas in the UK with its own underground spring water reservoir.

The complex provides numerous spa experiences, and lighting is carefully selected to create the optimum ambience for customers.

With the site open to customers from early morning to late evening, maintenance in pool areas is often limited to out of hours. With this in mind, when elements of the lighting need upgrading, Maintenance Director Neil Phelps wanted durable solutions that were quick to install, efficient and required minimal maintenance.

Roman Pool

The Roman Pool area with its columns and palm trees is an impressive space, where customers can enjoy a swim in the purest waters and relax on loungers.

With the existing 70w metal halide wall lamps failing frequently and providing inconsistent light output, it was decided to use LED luminaires that could operate in high humidity and maintain a consistent colour temperature over many years.

Thirty Lumascape LS471LED luminaires with their marine grade construction were chosen due to their IP67 rating and suitability for wet areas. Their ability to illuminate large wall areas, along with the versatility to use different beam angles for the uplight and downlight elements, made them ideal for use around the spa complex.

The impressive vaulted ceiling above the pool adds to the sense of grandeur, and is highlighted with Philips Color Kinetics iColor Cove lighting.


With its gently warming mosaic stone loungers, the Tepidarium is the ideal place to relax muscles after a treatment.

At the centre of the Tepidarium is a Roman fountain which is illuminated with Lumascape LS375LED fountain lights. These IP68, submersible lights are specifically designed for fountain applications, and Nirvana Spa selected the 470nm blue LED option to create an eye-catching effect for their customers.

Relaxation Pool

The ageing cove lights above the Relaxation Pool were providing an inconsistent colour temperature and were becoming difficult to maintain, so a more reliable and efficient solution was sought.

Due to the high humidity on site, the LED Linear Varioflex HYDRA HD10 IP67 was selected. With it’s IP67 rating and 2700k warm white colour temperature, it met the environmental needs as well as providing the correct colour temperature to work with the existing décor.

On Site Demo

To ensure that the installed solution met the requirements, Architainment carried out an onsite demonstration. This allowed Nirvana Spa to see if the warm white illumination of the HYDRA HD10 would fit with the overall ambience required for the Relaxation Pool.

Neil Phelps comments “Our Architainment experience has been very positive. Being able to see the LED tape solution working before committing to install it, was very reassuring, and gave us complete confidence that we were making the right choice”

30 existing metal halide wall lights in the Relaxation Pool area were also upgraded to Lumascape LS471LED luminaires.

Nirvana Spa continuously strive to ensure that their customers enjoy a premium relaxation experience. The new lighting takes advantage in LED technology to provide a high quality of light, and the result is a scheme that subtly enhances the architecture and furnishings.

Paul Vallis- Key Account Manager for Architainment comments “We are delighted to have worked with Nirvana Spa to achieve their lighting objectives. The new robust LED lighting solutions will deliver consistent illumination, significantly reduce energy costs and minimise maintenance costs.“

Project Credits:

Client > Nirvana Spa
Lighting > Architainment Lighting
Photography > Architainment Lighting

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