Primark, keen to maintain the appearance of their flagship store in Cologne whilst simultaneously increasing the stores efficiency tasked LAPD lighting consultants with the responsibility to do just that. LAPD approached Architainment Lighting to custom build a number of control enclosures and provide technical support to illuminate the RGB triangle formation feature predominately visible from the exterior of the building.

Architainment’s Technical Services team instigated the process by providing control schematics and system layout drawings including frame numbering and internal enclosure layout drawings. This then lead onto the team custom building a total of 53 control enclosures to match the drawings, each containing a maximum of three eldoLED drivers and a minimum of one, with each driver controlling one RGB frame programmed to Primark’s corporate pantone. These 53 enclosures are controlled by one main control unit which contains a Pharos TPC mounted in the door, a Pharos LPC1 located inside, a 4 way POE Ethernet switch and 2 artistic license DMX rail splits.

All 54 enclosures were assembled by Architainment’s Technical Services team including the drilling and tapping of all the plates, custom labelling, fixing of internal hardware and all internal wiring.  All of the control enclosures were fully tested, addressed and commissioned prior to shipping to allow for a seamless installation process.  The custom labelling provided by Architainment offered a simple and fast solution for contractors to be able to immediately recognise which frames connected to which driver outputs upon installation; the labels also corresponded with the CAD drawings to demonstrate where each enclosure was to be positioned throughout the store.

In addition to this Architainment’s Technical Services team flew to Cologne for a site visit during the final few days of installation to fully commission and test the system and adjust programming to meet the clients needs and requirements.



CLIENT > Primark


PHOTOGRAPHY > Architainment Lighting Ltd.

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