Royal Opera House, London

One of London’s most iconic and recognisable architectural feats, the Royal Opera House, has recently unveiled the grand results of its £50million rejuvenation project. 

The building, found in the heart of Covent Garden, has been transformed from what was once seen as an elitist setting to become a welcoming and inviting space for the local community. Designed to be a key player in the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden rather than simply on the side-lines, the Royal Opera House will now be open to the public during the day for the first time in its history.

Award winning lighting designers Studio Fractal were appointed to create and deliver the lighting design for the refurbishment. The team of designers chose Architainment to supply a wealth of products from across their range, which were used for a variety of elements of the revamped building.

Architainment provided linear LED solutions for the coving of the structure, both internally and externally. To illuminate the colonnade, Lumascape and Philips Color Kinetics were selected, while Ecosense and Architape were used to light the Bow Street façade.

To enhance the new community feel for the building, the Royal Opera House now features a 230-seat restaurant, on the upper floor. As part of the fit-out for this, Architainment supplied a number of Alto downlights, providing an ambient lighting scheme whilst remaining cost-effective to help the refurbishment keep to its budget.

Chris Sutherland, Studio Fractal’s Design Director, and Lead Designer on the project, explained:

“We selected Architainment’s and their linear LED products for the Royal Opera House because the range, options and quality suited the very specific lighting requirements we were trying to solve. 
“Architainment’s service throughout the duration of the project was excellent and they were a great help to the contractors during the construction period.”  

Chris Sutherland, Studio Fractal’s Design Director

Nic Tolkien, Architainment Lighting’s Managing Director, said:

“The Royal Opera House is recognised across the globe, so to be part of this ground-breaking transformation was an honour.
“Our extensive range of linear LEDs meant we could supply exactly what the lighting designers were looking for, helping to deliver their vision and complete the look for this revolutionary new approach for the Royal Opera House.”

Nic Tolkien, Architainment Lighting’s Managing Director

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