The Bullring

The Bullring

Attracting over 4 million visitors annually, the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham is one of the country’s most popular retails venues. The Bullring was looking for a sustainable lighting solution that would enhance shopper experience.

Architainment Lighting Ltd supplied Philips Color Kinetics RGB iColor Cove QL (current equivalent iColor Cove QLX Powercore), ColorBlast, eW Cove Powercore (current equivalent eW Cove QLX Powercore), which were then installed by Weblight with the assistance of Mitie.

The site’s original cold cathode lighting system was replaced with eW Cove Powercore (now eW Cove QLX Powercore) which delivers a high quality white light and has been specifically designed for interior alcoves and atriums. The eW Cove Powercore modules were primarily used to illuminate the areas around the main escalators, toilets and lifts as well as decorative shaped facets recessed into the ceiling voids of the main walkways. Within the main concourse, RGB iColor Cove QL were installed along the walkways while ColorBlast modules were positioned near to major retailers.

Switching to this new LED technology will deliver an 85% reduction in the energy required to illuminate the centre, which equates to an estimated £34,000 savings in running costs per annum. In addition to the impressive energy savings, the new LED solution brings a host of options for creative lighting displays, allowing ultimate flexibility via different scenes and colour changing effects such as wall washing, grazing or spot lighting.


COMPLETION DATE > November 2008

PROJECT LEAD > The Bullring

LIGHTING DESIGNER > Architainment Lighting Ltd.


PHOTOGRAPHY > Philips Lighting

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