The Deep

The Deep

Award-winning visitor attraction and the world’s only submarium, The Deep, is based in Hull and tells the story of the world’s oceans through stunning aquaria and interactive exhibits.

The aquarium appointed Peter Fordham of DHA Design to use the latest LED technology to create a themed environment in the attraction’s ‘Twilight Zone’, an area where guests can witness wolf eels, giant Japanese spider crabs, and other unique sea creatures.  Assisting Fordham in his design, Architainment Lighting Ltd supplied iColor Cove EC from Philips Color Kinetics due to its affordability, low power consumption, and ease of control. By applying Chromasic technology, iColor Cove EC lowers the cost of digital LED control, which thereby lowers the cost of the total system. The low-profile units are ideally suited for producing saturated colours and dynamic effects in alcoves and other tight spaces.

The Twilight Zone needs to be fairly dark, both for its exotic creatures and to recreate the true atmosphere of the ocean’s murky depths. Dark blues, purples, and rich UV hues are the predominant ‘accent’ colours brought to life by approximately 130 units of iColor Cove EC. Each 12in unit is individually programmable to allow for precise colour-changing effects. Fordham’s design includes 30 slots of light embedded into the display panels around the room – each illuminated by two or more iColor Cove EC units, according to size.

The system was programmed to create colour-changing patterns within both the individual slots and also all the slots collectively, running room-wide sequences. A Philips Color Kinetics iPlayer 2, with ColorPlay authoring software, made it simple to map the iColor Cove EC units, creating impressive light shows that bring the themed environment to life.



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