Troxy Theatre

Troxy Theatre

The Troxy is an Art Deco theatre located in Stepney, in the East End borough of Tower Hamlets, London. The building had started to lose its identity but thanks to the help of Architainment Lighting it has now been restored to reflect its original 1930s glory.

The Troxy, prior to the involvement of Architainment had very little external lighting causing passers-by at night to believe the theatre was closed; acknowledging this, Troxy knew something had to be done to rectify this major downfall in an otherwise glorious building. Wanting to make the most of the original 1930s features Troxy had a full façade refurbishment, with new signs and lighting highlighting the recently cleaned and repaired stonework.

The Troxy called upon Architainment for a number of external LED lighting solutions including; ColorBurst Compact to illuminate the flag poles, ColorBlast TRX which were placed inside the windows, behind a curtain to illuminate the entire window space and finally ColorBlast Powercore which were placed above the canopy to highlight the columns and frames sculpting the windows. Troxy knew, prior to Architainment’s involvement that they required an all LED solution, this was due to the durability that is associated with LEDs and also because of the reduced running costs. (Troxy have been making an impressive £30,000 per year saving after replacing their internal spots to an LED alternative.) In addition to the fixtures supplied, Architainment’s Technical Services team built a custom web interface specifically for the Troxy allowing easy synchronisation between the already existing internal lighting system and the newly supplied external fixtures.

The main auditorium required an easier way to demonstrate to potential clients the capability of the lighting system; the integrated control system now allows for all lighting to be controlled through an iPad; making it simple for employees to operate when the lighting desk technician is absent. It is imperative for the Troxy to be able to offer clients complete control and flexibility to brand the venue with company own corporate colours. Not only can the internal lighting be controlled, but also each individual element of the external lighting can be controlled independently through a simple colour picker as each fixture had its own colour picker independently designed to allow for this freedom.

Thanks to the new lighting solution, Troxy theatre visitors are now able to enjoy the vintage 1930s atmosphere among dynamic and innovative lighting.


COMPLETION DATE > February 2014

LIGHTING DESIGNER > Architainment Lighting Ltd.


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