Victoria Plaza

LIGHTING DESIGNER: Hilson Moran - PHOTOGRAPHY:Lighting Technology Projects

Victoria Plaza

London’s premier office complex, Victoria Plaza, is located on Buckingham Palace Road and home to several high profile companies including The Daily Telegraph. Looking to create an impressive light-wall installation for the main atrium entrance, Engineering Consultancy, Hilson Maron, designed an eye-catching light wall and turned to Architainment Lighting Ltd for the LED technology to realise its vision.

Architainment Lighting Ltd supplied 380 fittings of Philips Color Kinetics iColor Cove MX Powercore for the 30m x 5m light wall which is two glass panels high and 24 glass panels wide. The fittings utilise Powercore technology, integrating power and data management directly within the fixture, therefore eliminating the need for external low voltage power or data supplies.

The installation is controlled via Philips Color Kinetic’s Ethernet based Light System Manager protocol (CUT) using the Light System Composer (LSC) authorising software.  An 8-button recall panel was provided, complete with eight effects ranging from funky multi-coloured rainbow effects to solid single colour scenes. Lighting Technology Projects (LTP) installed and programmed the light wall.

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