Martin Exterior Wash Pro S QUAD, EU, grey

Outdoor-rated quad colour wash light with creative control

Engineered for harsh conditions and creativity, Exterior Wash Pro S QUAD provides a logical, user-friendly and versatile lighting solution designed to illuminate smaller structures, features of a building and landscaping. Featuring external micro lenses and an optional baffle snoot, this fixture provides configurable beam control.

The Exterior Wash Pro S QUAD features unparalleled colour performance. The factory colour calibration ensures superior colour consistency and provides a dedicated colour temperature control channel spanning from 1000K to 12,500K, precisely following the black-body curve. The integrated colour boost technology encompassing smart ratio between LED capacity and PSU capacity results in saturated and mixed colours up to three times brighter than previous models. Designed for permanent outdoor installations and backed by a 5-year warranty, this fixture meets rigorous environmental standards.

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